Terms & Conditions


  • CPSS Tech Support may provide verbal quotations to customers in order to give them an estimate of the expenses that may be incurred through the course of its service. This kind of quotation does not represent an exact figure, it is given as a guideline, based on the information at hand, and does not bind CPSS Tech Support to limited its fees or charges to this estimate. While we try to give our customers as much information as possible to inform their decisions, we can’t tell exactly what is wrong with a piece of technology, what parts may be needed or how long the repairs may take, until the device is examined.

  • A non-verbal quotation, usually given for larger jobs or where multiple parts are necessary, does represent an exact figure. Once a written quotation is issued by CPSS Tech Support, it will be honoured, and no additional expenses or fees may be applied to the customer.


  • Payment to CPSS Tech Support must be made at the completion of service, we’re happy to accept either Cash or Credit Card payments, however we’re unable to offer credit to new customers.

  • All bookings with CPSS Tech Support include one hour of service as a minimum. In the event a booking does not require one hour to complete, the customer is still required to pay the minimum booking fee.

  • After the initial one hour of service, any additional work will be charged at the standard rate per hour, in 15 minute blocks. This additional service is at the discretion of the customer, and may be declined prior to commencement of additional labour.

  • All services provided by CPSS Tech Support are chargeable. Any refunds or reductions are offered at the discretion of the Manager.

  • All goods used in CPSS Tech Support repairs are charged separately from its service.

  • CPSS Tech Support reserves the right to vary its prices, without notice to customers.


  • CPSS Tech Support offers a 7 day guarantee on all services provided to the customer. During this period, any recurrence of problems claimed to have been previously addressed by a Support Technician, or problems deemed to be a direct result of a Support Technician’s actions, will be remedied by CPSS Tech Support, at no additional cost to the customer.

  • CPSS Tech Support offers 12 months warranty on any parts sold through the provision of its service. In the event of hardware failure during this time, CPSS Tech Support will replace any part(s) deemed defective as a result of manufacturing, at no additional cost to the customer. Replacement of any parts(s) may be subject to delays resulting from stock acquisition and availability.

  • CPSS Tech Support will not be liable for any issues deemed unrelated to previous service(s), or hardware failure deemed not the result of manufacturing defect. Any service performed under the claim of warranty by the customer, yet deemed not to be covered by the terms of warranty, will be charged at the standard rate, with payment being required at the completion of service.


  • CPSS Tech Support is not liable to the customer, or any third-party, for accidental or indirect damage resulting from the provision of its service. This includes, but is not limited to; Damage to Hardware, Destruction or Loss of Data, Destruction or Loss of Software.

  • CPSS Tech Support is not liable to the customer, or any third-party, for any breach of Copyright, Software licensing or Intellectual Property Rights resulting from the installation or use of software provided by the customer to CPSS Tech Support for the purposes of its service. By providing software to CPSS Tech Support, the customer warrants that they have the appropriate license(s) for the use of that software, and agree to indemnify CPSS Tech Support against any and all loss, damage or expenses of any kind arising from its installation.

Disputes and Resolution:

  • Any disputes regarding CPSS Tech Support prices, value, authenticity, liability or conduct of its staff are to be directed to the Manager. The relevant contact details will be given to any previous customer who requests them, and all complaints will be taken seriously.

  • In the event of payment failure, the customer will be given 7 days in which to contact the Manager to discuss their objections and resolve the dispute. If contact with the Manager is not made within this period, the account will be considered in non-payment, and will be passed onto the appropriate debt recovery channels. Debt recovery will first involve a letter of demand being issued to the customer, outlining their financial obligation, the period since default and the method(s) for reconciliation. Failure to render payment within 7 days following a letter of demand will result in legal action being taken against the customer in order to recover the debt owing to CPSS Tech Support.